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6 best flavourings for steaks

Cooks measured beef meat to be universal. After all, it can be cooked in many different ways: boiled, baked, put out, roast on the grill, chopped into minced or chopped raw in the carpaccio. Given this diversity of dishes, it can be combined with almost all spices and seasonings. But some of them enhance the flavor of beef in almost any combination.

Salt and pepper

Regardless of other spices that you use for beef, salt and freshly ground black pepper is always needed. Together, they emphasize the good taste of the meat: the salt makes it bright and pepper — spicy and «warm». Both spices have become so familiar and commonplace that in moderation, we do not even notice them.


Garlic — a surefire way to spice up even the simplest dish of Beef. It enhances the natural taste and flavor of beef, not interrupting it and adding its unique edge. Despite the fact that beef is susceptible to other flavors, it maintains its own taste, even with the addition of garlic.


Rosemary doesn’t have so intense and overwhelming aroma like garlic. In addition to this rosemary has its power! Even a small amount gives the beef additional shade, filling meal with complex flavor and softens the taste of meat. Use rosemary (especially fresh) with caution: the leaves bitter. Their flavor is clean and bright, and tastes like a complex mixture of camphor, eucalyptus, pine and lemon. Unlike other spices, rosemary retains its flavor even after prolonged heat treatment. Chefs widely used it when marinating meat to give «forest» fragrance.


Marble beef and thyme are just meant for each other. Thyme helps make the meat taste lighter and fresher. As a condiment for steak use fragrant thyme sprigs. Its small leaves have a spicy bitter taste and strong pungent smell. Thyme fully discloses its aroma during prolonged heat treatment, so it is recommended to add it in the beginning of cooking.


Oregano is better known as a seasoning for pizza or pasta sauce, but it also goes well with beef. With its bright herbal flavor it makes beef taste softer, and very subtly, without stressing «solidity» of meat.