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About Black Angus

Black Angus cattle are a breed of naturally hornless beef cattle; they were originally exported from Scotland in the late 1800s. The coloration of Scottish Angus cattle is exclusively black. However, sometimes a recessive gene produces an animal which is reddish in color. At first not recognized by American farmers as a desirable breed, they quickly began to discern the quality of the animals. Black Angus cattle were soon sought after, and purebred herds began to appear.

Today, Black Angus are the most popular breed of beef cattle in the World.

Black Angus are adaptable, hardy, and easy to raise; they mature to market-readiness in about two years.

Black Angus beef is greatly esteemed for the quality of the meat, particularly its even marbling. Restaurants and markets throughout the country recognize the superiority of Black Angus beef, and it is highly prized by consumers for its flavor and fine marbled texture.

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