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Кукуруза на элеваторе ГК "Заречное"

Corn-fed beef, also known as grain-fed beef, is one of the most delicious meat you’ve ever tasted. It has all tenderness and flavor most consumers prefer.

Corn-fed beef cattle spend most of their lives in range or pasture conditions eating grass. At 12 to 18 months of age, conventional cattle are moved to a feedlot and are usually separated into groups of 100 animals. Cattle usually spend four to six months in a feedlot, during which they are fed a scientifically formulated ration of corn, silage, hay and distillers grains. Up to 90% of the ingredients are raised on own lands of ZARECHNOE Group.

Фидлот (откормочная площадка)

This all-natural diet, developed by a team of respected nutritionists, is one of the key factors to the high quality of our beef. The result you can see and even try is our high quality beef that is evenly marbled, exceptionally tender, and most importantly delicious.

In addition, there is one more obvious advantage of corn-fed beef. Fat usually acts an insulator. If your culinary skill is not high enough, and you try to cook a lean cut of meat, you will probably overcook it and get something that is dry and hardly edible. However, if you have a well-marbled cut, you automatically get a «safety net» that preserves meat from overcooking and running dry. In other words, you will likely get a dish that is flavorful, juicy and delicious.

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